The Pleasure of Beauty


O Prazer da Beleza


BOSSA NOVA BEIRUT is a 46 room design hotel, with a restaurant, bar and conference rooms. Coming soon are a gym, an event space, and a rooftop pool with bar. It is part of RIVERSIDE complex, an architectural landmark in the area, which also hosts a residential building and an office bloc as well as ample outdoor space for leisurely sitting and relaxing.



BOSSA NOVA BEIRUT’s distinctive architecture blends graceful columns with playful variations in window shapes and silhouettes, reflecting the hotel’s character: progressive, smart and with a charming nonconformist streak. 

Largely original and made to measure, elements of the interior focus on honest materials such as wood, concrete and metal, with a clean, streamlined aesthetic. Here, natural light is the protagonist, maximizing the feeling of space and connection to the outdoors. 

Beautiful green surroundings emphasize the feeling of a serene oasis where guests can unwind, socialize, or work peacefully.


The Pleasure of Life


O Prazer da Vida


BOSSA NOVA BEIRUT is part of a Brazilian chain of hotels, 'Samba and Bossa Nova Hoteis'. That it is named after an enduring genre of music known for its soothing vibes and poetic themes, is no accident, as we’ve made it our mission to give you a truly relaxing stay with impeccable service, from the heartfelt welcome till the friendly see you soon.




We hope to transmit to you our optimism and put a smile on your face, for we are all about celebrating life and its everyday delights. The pleasure of feeling comfortable and safe among friends, the pleasure of a sun beam, of a languid rhythm, of a kind gesture. For what are Brazilian and Lebanese cultures if not fanatically life affirming, famously hospitable, openly and unabashedly expressive?

Please come in to discover all the pleasures you’ll encounter as our guest.